Marston ‘Model of Excellence’ wins Enforcement Award at the BPA 2011

17 March, 2011

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Ethical enforcement practices help secure prestigious award

Marston is pleased to announce that its “Model of Excellence for Ethical Debt Recovery” has won the Enforcement Award at the British Parking Awards 2011.

The event was held at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane, with over 500 experts attending from the parking, enforcement and transport sectors.

This year’s submission demonstrated Marston’s continued commitment to ethical enforcement through its partnership work with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and the Isle of Wight (IoW) Council.

Alan Clark, Marston’s Business Development Director, said: “We are delighted with the Award, as it recognises the groundbreaking partnership that we and our bailiffs Phill and Kim have established with the IoW Council and the CAB. It also publicises the tangible benefits that truly ethical enforcement can bring to all parties, especially the customer. Our recovery rates at 55% for parking warrants and 87% for council tax far exceed the sector ‘norm’. Costs to the debtor and the number of complaints are also minimised.”

Alan continued: “I believe that our Model of Excellence is transferable to every authority in the country and, once clients discover the benefits, it will become the industry standard.”

Marston was the first Enforcement Agency to adopt the term Ethical Recovery following external ethical audits by Rockpools plc. Ethical service is defined by the Audit Commission as: “doing the right thing, in the right way for the right people, in a timely, open, honest and accountable manner.”

For additional information on this article or for any other press enquiries, contact Marston Communications at [email protected] or on 0845 340 2237.

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